Minneapolis Hospital Declares George Floyd’s Death As “COVID 19 Related” For The Free $50K

It’s been reported that hospitals have been declaring every death in America as “COVID 19 related.” Allegedly, hospitals can collect an extra $50K from certain states if they make any death about the virus. Minnesota is one of those states.

To show how ludicrous the system is, we’ve uncovered evidence that the hospital where George Floyd was pronounced dead has filed his death under that designation and received their $50K bonus. The money comes directly from the state’s emergency medical fund, which is typically reserved for treating illegals. Minnesota obviously has a lot of issues.

When asked to comment on the death certificate versus the official cause of death listed on the criminal complaint against one of his police officers, Captain Eric Bartlett said, “It’s as clear as Nancy Pelosi’s drinking problem.” We’re not really sure what that means.

The coroner in the case, Joe Barron, says he originally declared the case an accidental death, then changed it to homicide once the order to lie to protect a crooked cop was lifted. He doesn’t understand how the official death certificate could possibly say COVID 19 had anything to do with it:

“It was obvious from the moment I laid eyes on Mr. Floyd that he had been asphyxiated and murdered by an ignorant, racist police officer. The man was basically executed in public, and no amount of denying that or tweets from an orange narcissist will change that.

“For that death certificate to say he died any other way is a tragedy. Sure, the hospital will make a good chunk of change. But…the truth is the truth. George Floyd was killed for being black.”

The FBI is looking into the death certificate and says they are moving to have it changed. “We want to prosecute these assholes for a hate crime,” said Special Agent Sandy Batt, “Now we’re looking into the corrupt hospital system.

The White House issued a statement that it’s not the hospital’s fault, as they’re simply following the instructions left by Obama since there isn’t currently anyone manning the Oval Office.

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