$Millions In Soros Payouts To Crisis Actors Found

The total will astound you!

When an associate of George Soros – we’ll call him “Snake Eyes”- contacted me to say he had information to blow the lid off all the false flag “mass shootings” seen in America in recent years, I was sceptical, to say the least. Many reporters had found bits and pieces of evidence that the seeming rash of shootings – many at schools – were fake, but nobody in the past decade had come across that “smoking gun”.

When I met Snake Eyes, he was nervous. He kept repeating that “Cobra Commander” – what he called Soros, for some reason – would “take him out” if he were caught with me. My assurances of anonymity did little to calm him but eventually he revealed to me the greatest journalistic coup of my long and storied career.

Snake Eyes passed me an envelope which contained invoices – hundreds of invoices – with hundreds of names attached…….all from his boss, George Ezubruan Soros. As I shuffled through them, two names stood out : David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, the two leads from the Parkland School Shooting.

Snake Eyes was on edge upon meeting. He came disguised and armed.

My excitement grew. I looked at them more closely and what I saw was the Holy Grail. The invoices – 1858 in total – were payouts to persons listed as “paid crisis actors, mass shootings, USA Division”

Apparently, they are paid well. For instance, Hogg, for participation in faking Parkland alone, netted $32000; Emma Gonzalez for her lesser but still significant role ,$24000. And the grand total for all the invoices, covering just staged events of the last 3 years for all the actors – many of whom gave repeat performances – was 8 figures. $15,496,243.67.  All paid by Soros Enterprises. Included were students, townspeople, police, fire officials, government, press, and more.

The lid certainly has been blown off. The most massive fraud perpetrated on the American people perhaps in history is beginning to be more clearly revealed.

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