Mike Pence Says He’ll Do ‘What God Wants Done’ on January 6th

Mike Pence will take his seat as the President of the Senate on January 6th, in what most people believe is a “ceremonial” role.

In reality, Mike Pence will preside over the most important session of his life, in which he’ll have to make the decision to allow objections and set aside the election, sending it instead to the House of Representatives for a vote by the state delegations.

Each state gets one vote, and Donald Trump wins.

If Mike Pence does that, it would most likely be political suicide. But would he commit to the end of his career after spending four more years as Vice President to the greatest man the country has ever known?

Only Mike Pence knows the answer. He told the press that he’ll do “whatever God tells him to do” that day, and leave it at that.

Those who are in the know about the process say there’s a good chance that Pence is stoned and whoever told them he wields some magical power to set aside an American election is just an idiot.

Here in the real world, Pence will read the votes, hear the objections, gavel a two-hour “debate,” and then the Electoral College vote will be read into the record, by Mike Pence, and there will be — once again — nothing Trump can do stop it.

We suspect that after the Pence gambit fails, the next tactic will include the original lease to the White House, that only John Adams can amend, and a squatter’s clause. The Swiss Guard are sending their best as we speak.

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