Middle School Science Teacher Fired for Mentioning Jesus in Class

A Science Teacher at Art Tubolls Middle School in Blair, W#isconsin was fired this morning for mentioning our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, in front of his students. According to a report from the local news:

“Mr. Johansenberg was telling his students about the beginnings of life and a student asked a simple question. The teacher, who answered as honestly as he could, used ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ in his explanation, so therefore they decided he was in violation of the Establishment Clause.”

According to students in the class, Mr. Johansenberg was a religious guy but never talked about anything he wasn’t supposed to. One student who agreed to speak to us anonymously said:

“He taught us real science. God created the Earth. That isn’t opinion or religion, it’s fact. Our science teacher taught us fact. The evolution crap you see in a lot of classes all comes with the word “theory” because it can’t be proven. God wrote the bible. That’s as concrete as it gets.”

According to the school, the teacher had a history of changing the curriculum to include Christian beliefs, which is a violation of the US Constitution:

“Like it or not, the 1st Amendment says he can’t teach kids that they’ll live eternally if they believe the teachings of one religion. We have students here representing 11 religions. The Establishment Clause is enforced for public school officials because it is fundamentally designed to stop indoctrination to any religion by the state.”

Sounds like a real libber got a hold of that guy. Who cares how some school official’s opinion of a court clause. We’re talking about the Constitution here, and the 1st Amendment is about free speech and religion. This teacher shouldn’t even need a lawyer the case is so easy.

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