Michael Flynn Re-Hired For Key National Security Position

It didn’t take President Trump long to right one of the great mistakes of the Obama FBI. Michael Flynn, who admitted that he lied to the FBI — but for good reason — has been cleared of all charges by the Justice Department.

By issuing a full pardon through the DOJ, President Trump didn’t just clear the guy he was forced to fire, he erased a bunch of bad blood. Now, with a new offer to come back to the White House, Flynn can get right back on track being a yes man for the world’s greatest leader.

While the press was busy publishing stories about how Trump was mean to Flynn in tweets, calling him a liar and a turncoat for turning on him during the Mueller investigation, Trump was busy mending fences and making sure the best people work for him at the White House:

“Michael was a good guy. Very promising. He had an amazing career. Lots of years and a great uniform. He looked great on stage at that rally in Macon. There were so many people there to see me. They were happy to see Mike too, but mostly they wanted me. A lot of people tell me they quit their jobs and spent some of their savings following the rallies. They want them back. Mike was great. The rallies. We miss the rallies.”

Flynn’s new job at the White House will be to advise the President’s daughter and her husband on matters of codeword clearance national security, since they don’t have clearance of their own. “They need to know what’s happening in Iran if they’re gonna stay ahead of this thing,” said Trump, “I can’t think of anyone better to give them top-secret info than my guy, Mike Flynn.”

Flynn still hasn’t formally accepted the position.

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