Woody Allen: ‘New York Should Disown Trump’


As America’s current crisis churns on, it seems that every cable news and television station has turned to a host of Hollywood celebrities for their opinions and viewpoints.  From Bill Gates on CNN to Whoopi Goldberg on the View, to even pop music phenom Taylor Swift on the stage at the Grand ‘Ol Opry calling the President a modern day “Outbreak monkey”, most have not been kind to our beleaguered leader.  Now, celebrated writer, director, and New York social activist Woody Allen has joined in the fray.

Swift has already begun pretending that she dated Trump in order to write a hit song about what a dick he was sometime next year.

In a taped interview with MSNBC’s Sandra Batt to be aired this coming Tuesday, the controversial Empire State native remarked that the governor and people should: “Officially and adamantly disown Trump as a son, as he’s proved to be nothing but a traitorous and uncaring embarrassment.”  Allen made the statement during a half-hour long liberal hatefest worthy of Chris Rock at a Merle Haggard comcert:

“As far as New York goes, Donald Trump has never been exactly…anything less than a criminal figurehead, so to speak.  He screwed the citizens out of millions of dollars of tax revenue, took it upon himself to criticize the justice department, and now, he’s refusing to work with the Governor to save actual lives because his ego is as fragile and inflated as Soon-Yi’s breast implants.  I tell you, sometimes you should just trust the deli to make the dumplings.  Don’t quote me on that, that’s going in my next script.”

Mrs. Allen has quarantined herself and speaks only with written signs.

While Allen has himself, dealt with his own series of controversial life choices, and has been excoriated on social media for his anti-Trump outburst.  He may want to save some.of his unfunny “comedy” for his next feature to give his liberal Birkenstock-wearing audiences something to moon over.  When theaters open again at some point.

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