Melania Trump Requests DOJ Help In Scrubbing Racy Pics Online

The Truth Is Right In Front Of You

Melania Trump has requested the assistance of William Barr and the DOJ to help take care of pictures that have surfaced online of her from years past. It turns out Melania has a colorful past and is now wanting to distance herself and her husband’s re-election campaign from the sordid past indiscretions.

These pictures were taken just before Melania and Donald had gotten together. They include scantily clad pictures of the First Lady when she was a poor small town Slovenian girl just trying to make a name for herself in the world, desperately trying to find a way to sleep herself to the top.

The pictures most damning, however are nude pictures and pictures of her in a same sex tryst with another woman. These are the pictures that she fears will do the most damage, and the most requested pictures to be autographed.

Family friend Joe Barron says:

“These are not only embarrassing to the First Lady, but also to Don Jr. and Eric Trump, who have them plastered above their beds.”

Melania has been trying for years to forget about that past, the pictures that brought her to the President in the first place.  She doesn’t want to be known for those anymore, as being a plagiarist and a liar and most importantly, someone who fights against online bullying, which is extremely laughable and hypocritical since her husband, Donald, tweets insults as he down double quarter pounders from fast food establishments.

DOJ head William Barr has sent out cease and desist orders to several websites and magazines to force them to stop the distribution of these pictures. He had to first view them so he knew what he was fighting against, and after two boxes of tissues, he agreed. No one should see the First Lady in this way, because Melania is the definition of class.

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