Melania Trump Breaks Her Silence: ‘CNN Lies — He Never Cheated On Me’

Melania Trump is considered the most beautiful first lady ever to grace the White House. She handles every situation with respect and grace.

For generations to come, young ladies will look up to this woman as one of the greatest role models in history.

For years she has had to deal with the humiliation of infidelity accusations against her husband by that porno star, Stormy Daniels.

MSM has pushed the story that Donald Trump cheated on his beautiful wife (like he would need to do such a thing) with the other woman months after their son was born. Well, now the gorgeous first lady is breaking her silence.

Melania sat down with the news for an exclusive interview. The first lady said of the affair:

“The people at CNN lie. He never cheated on me. He just paid her monies to keep her from falsely accusing him of cheating on me. Donald Trump isn’t a cheater.”

Isn’t that just like someone who would do porno for a living — she gave her word she wouldn’t make up lies about Donald Trump and accepted that money. But, here we are. Clearly, she’s just jealous of Melania’s fame and success.

We are glad the super classy first lady finally stepped up to clear her husband’s good name. Donald Trump is so lucky to have such a strong woman as his wife. This marriage is built to last.

Stormy wasn’t available for comment. Quite honestly, we didn’t even reach out to her for comment because we don’t like talking to liars. Melania says she’s a liar, and we believe it!

God bless Melania Trump and God bless the USA!

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