Mayor Pete’s Gay Agenda Revealed

It has come to fruition!

“I know ………these LGBT activists………, I guarantee you, they want a homocracy.”

A week ago, these words were uttered by at least one Christian pastor in the United States, albeit with other words as well. Many others have hinted at the same thing.

What do the words mean? That Pete Buttigieg wants turn America gay, that’s what. And it seems that truer words have never been spoken, if the events following his election in South Bend, Indiana are any indication.

Mayor Pete’s ultimate plan? To turn sweet, loving kids like this…..
Into sociopathic, liberal monsters like this.

Census data from South Bend prior to Pete Buttigieg’s election to the mayor’s office, shows that 98% of the cities population considered themselves heterosexual and Christian. In other words, a normal American city.

Five years after he was initially elected…..a very different story.  Figures from that point show that South Bend residents then broke themselves down into these categories :

66% homosexual gaiety

20% gender fluidity

21% switch hitters

5% good and pure straight Christian god-lovers

The stark contrast shows very clearly the agenda of Mayor Pete and the gays. Their aim is to destroy the American fabric.

The mayors deputy chief ,Ernie Ames,  claims another explanation :

“The Mayor’s Office did not change anyone. Pete did not ‘turn’ the population. These numbers are reality. This is who these people are, who they always have been.

Our super-hypno mind manipulation drugs – that we added to the city’s water supply- merely brought them out of the closet. We freed these people.

There’s no need for all this press and fanfare. A simple thank you would suffice.”

Pete Buttigieg’s Gay Agenda must not be allowed to gain national influence. South Bend, Indiana is already lost. We must do what we can to save the rest of America.

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