Marvel Comics Introduces ‘Captain Minnesota’, Ilhan Omar Comic Book; Movie To Follow

The truth is right in front of you

Apparently, the staff at Marvel – are very fond of the musslamix, socialist, Democrat wunderkind from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar. So much so that they have created a new comic book using her likeness : “Captain Minnesota”. The comic depiction features Omar in a purple hijab and a skin tight superhero-type spandex uniform that some say beautifully accentuates her shapely body.

The comic’s writer, John Lee Jr, tells us that she will have a range of superpowers all stemming from her use of the “Power of Sharia”. These include magical spells that make bacon disappear, modesty creation which has all women in her vicinity clad in hijabs, mind control to convince all to embrace socialism, and a hate for dogs.

Lee further revealed the news that a movie adaptation is in the works with the character to be incorporated into the Marvel Universe. A nationwide release date of April 2021 is scheduled to coincide with the holiday of Ramadan.

It’s unknown what possessed Marvel to go in this direction, but you can be sure a love for America did not factor in. Marvel has shown themselves to be subversive in the past by putting women into men’s roles and this is far worse. They must be stopped.

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