Barr Orders Epstein’s Body Exhumed In Connection With New Clinton Probe

A secret panel convened by Attorney General William Barr has made some unusual requests while investigating the Clinton Crime Family. Last week, they asked for the shipping manifests from their cargo freighter, the “S.S. Chelsea.” Two days ago, they asked for the Clinton Foundation’s social media posts from 11 different platforms. And just today, in a move nobody saw coming, they asked AG Barr to sign an order to exhume Jeffrey Epstein’s body for “further examination.”

According to our insider at the Justice Department, who may or may not have direct knowledge of the case, the Epstein request goes beyond anything they’ve asked before:

“We’ve seen them request things like Vince Foster’s autopsy report, which we know was falsified, and Seth Rich’s Facebook password to see if he really was about to sell information about the Uranium One deal. This, however, is unprecedented. Having a body exhumed means they’re onto something huge.”

AG Barr signed the order to bring the request before the 16th Circuit, a Trump-friendly panel of federal judges who are far less stringent with their requirements on these matters. According to the Honorable Judge Art Tubolls, this case meets those requirements:

“This case is exactly why Congress signed the Exhumation Act of 1870. They knew that had they pulled John Wilkes Booth, the Democrat who killed our beloved Abe Lincoln, out of the ground and examined the body, that they would have discovered that it wasn’t him but his stunt double, Joe Barron, buried in his grave.

“In this case, they aren’t looking to see how Epstein died, as we all know he didn’t kill himself, but rather who the Soros-funded Clintons replaced him with to cover their tracks.”

The Clintons haven’t responded for requests for interviews about Epstein, citing their 3rd Amendment right against having government agents in their home. That won’t hold up in court, of course, but they’re criminals — they’ll try anything once.

The DOJ says it can’t comment on the ongoing investigations but that AG Barr intends to find the truth, even if they have to write it themselves.

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