Man Astounded That Foreigner Couldn’t Understand Him Even After Speaking Slowly &Loudly

He’s questioning his very existence

While on vacation to Mexico, Jimmy Hatt had a hard time communicating with the locals. Very few of them spoke English. He knew this would be the case before he left America but he thought that it wouldn’t be an issue. He was the type of guy who could always get a point across, you see. He was “expressive,”he said. 

But what he experienced in Mexico astounded him.

On his first encounter with a vendor, he was unsurprised to find the salesman only spoke Spanish. “No problem,”he thought to himself, “I got this.”

Jimmy begin to speak to the shopkeeper veeeerrry, veeerrry slowly. He also raised his voice,slowly getting louder and louder as the local continued to shake his head indicating not understanding. 

Jimmy didn’t get his ice cream that day. His entire day was ruined.

Jimmy shared his amazement and confusion with us :

“I don’t understand it. I was screaming at the top of my lungs and speaking so slowly that I must’ve sounded like an idiot! But he still didn’t understand me! How could that not work?”

Jimmy has deduced that all Mexicans in that area must be mentally stunted and advises against visiting.

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