Romney Passes Bill to Remove Trump From Utah Ballot


If, after the impeachment fiasco, you angrily referred to Mitt Romney as a “turncoat”, “traitor”, or “RINO”, here comes more confirmation of your good judgement as an American.  The Latter Day Senator has penned and passed bill 0U-812 which will effectively remove President Trump from the Utah State ballot.

Trump putting himself in danger
Bill 0U-813 removes Trump from the Hair Club For Men.

The bill works on an obscure legal argument based on the President refusing to release tax return information, being embroiled in dozens of lawsuits, rape allegations , and a candidate weight limit, dating back to 544-pound Sanders D. Batt who challenged Grover Cleavland back in 1832 or something.

Herman the History Turtle just gave me an F minus.

While such a move by a Senator may seem like a stretch, Professor Joeseph Barron of Prager University admits the bill may damage Trump’s already sliding chance of victory in 2020 :

“There are many points to be made by this bill.  It’s very similar to others used in the past as a bullwark against less intelligent or gullible Americans electing  a completely incompetent moron.  I mean, he should have woke up and did this back in 2016, and we might not have one to deal with now.”

Romney hasn’t made any fomal comments yet about the bill to the press, possibly fearing reprisals from fellow Republicans or trumptarded voters, but it’s certain that at some point, he’ll be facing Heavenly Father for this transgression.

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