Neo-Nazis March To Show Support For Democrats

The truth is right in front of you

Liberals are constantly trying to sell the idea that white supremacists in America are strong supporters of our President Trump. The ridiculousness of this notion is easily shown with a quick look at our history. Internet memes have made it clear that the Democrats started the KKK and that, back in the days when it was legal to do so, NOT a single Republican owned a slave. Add to that Democrats opposing emancipation and voting against civil rights and it’s clear that today’s racists are backers of the Democrats, not the Republicans. What do you expect from a party of socialists…JUST like the Nazis.

Images from a recent neo-nazi rally in Haarlem confirm this. There, white supremacy advocates marched the streets, shouting nazi slogans and carrying torches. They also openly displayed their proud support for the Democrat Party.

DWU intern and creative writing student , Satya Martin, was on the scene and told us what she saw:

“The seething hatred in Haarlem from these boisterous protesters was intense, like a humid Texas night, sticky and uncomfortable. They were like rabid dogs, shouting their demands for a homeland consisting only of ones like them, with skin like ivory. They marched with determination, their footfalls heard from miles away, sounding like heavenly wrath in the form of roaring thunder, unending.

The raging crowd were largely clad in black creating an ominous, underworld-like scene, the snarls on their screaming faces like demons ready to destroy the world. Their intention was to create fear and in this they succeeded, champions of horror. Passers by cringed at the venomous scene, unable to comprehend how such vitriol could emanate from anyone at all.”

What Satya failed to mention was the number of Democrat t-shirts and signs that were seen on the nazi crowd. Their support was clear and not photoshopped.

Democrats are the party of racism.

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