Liberals Melting Over Trump Pardons Forget: Obama Pardoned 10k Violent Chicago Criminals

The truth is right there in front of you.

Far left-liberals have been in an uproar over Donald Trump’s few pardons while sweeping under the proverbial rug the 10,000 violent Chicago thugs Obama gave pardons during his eight years as president.

Barack Hussein Obama gave out pardons like candy to criminals of all shapes and sizes. No matter what the crime, or how many American citizens were hurt by them, he pardoned them, mainly from Chicago.

President Donald Trump went through a very extreme vetting process to pardon people, many who have been treated extremely unfairly by the liberal media and the deep state.

Rod Blagojevich simply sold a senate seat, while Judith Negron tried to improve Medicare by defrauding it by $200 million and Michael Milken was only a junk bond king.

Barack Hussein Obama’s pardons included several members of his old neighborhood, including gang members.  The Gramercy Riffs are a notorious gang, from Obama’s old neighborhood, was involved in several scripted, violent fights with the crosstown rival the Baseball Furies.

So many of the pardons truly put the public at risk was the release of Dark Helmet. Back in 1996 Mr. Helmet kidnapped Princess Vespa and tried to steal all of Druidia’s fresh air. Most do not think corrections have changed him.

Obama’s reckless abandon granting pardons is a key focus of William Barr, as he and the president have taken steps to un-pardon several of Obama’s criminal friends.

Unpardoning is rare, but in certain cases, it is necessary. Douglas “Dougie” Powers, AKA Dr. Evil was unpardoned in the 1970s after a hostage attempt. This is just another step Donald Trump will take to truly make America great. Only those who committed various financial crimes, such as himself shall be spared the full extent of the law.

Liberals making such a big deal over Trump pardons are just another page in their book of trying to hurt this president. Trump is your president. Get over it.

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