Liberals Defend Abortion: “We Are Summoning The Lord”

Just when you thought the Liberals couldn’t sink any lower they come out with the most debased, immoral, sacrilegious statement ever.

They are now using the bible to defend killing babies both in and outside the womb. To do so, they are twisting the scriptures to suit their own needs, as only liberals do whenever they wish to justify their sin.

They’ve done it in the past – using a Commandment to suggest that putting heinous serial killers in the electric chair is “immoral” and saying garbage like “Jesus never condemned homosexuality” in order to give man-on-man action a pass.

In an attempt to make baby killing a pious act, they point to two separate eras in biblical history. Liberal Theology Twisting Administrator and Propaganda Editor, Meghan Lewis explains :

“Biblically speaking, we can look to the time of Pharaoh in Egypt. He was killing babies left and right. And what happened? Moses appeared like Mighty Mouse to save the day and his people.

Centuries later, there was Herod doing the same. Here a baby, kill a baby. There a baby, kill a baby. And what happened then? Jesus came to save the whole frickin world!

So the equation is simple. Kill babies, summon the Lord. And who doesn’t want the second coming? This is what abortions will bring. Jesus. Take that pro-life evangelicals!”

Artist’s imagined rendering of the offices of Meghan Lewis.

It obviously doesn’t need to be said how horrific a twisting of God’s Word this is, except for the part where they compare themselves to the evil of the Pharaoh and Herod. But it gets worse still,  when Ms Lewis explains future plans.

“We are trying to speed the next appearance of God on earth. And we’ll keep going as is for awhile. But if He doesn’t come soon, we may have to ramp it up. We’ve already started on newborns. We’ll progressively go up from there. One year olds, two year olds, three, four, and so forth , until we hit the magic number. Maybe God wants us to be more creative and proactive this time around.”

How long will it be before the start killing our seniors to “summon the Lord”, as they claim?

It sickens us to hear this kind of perversion of the Holy Word anytime, but even more so from those we already know to be godless heathen atheists. We need our Messenger President Trump to do God’s true bidding by slaying the liberal evil and to do so soon.

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