Clinton Claims Executive Privilege in Maxwell Case


The massive case against Giselle Maxwell, the “number two” behind the devious and horrifying actions of the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is beginning, and the population sits, all attention, ready to absorb the implications that come from many of the trial’s star witnesses.

Like children’s television star Handsy McPokepoke.

One of those witnesses is former commander in chief Bill Clinton, who is mentioned and written about heavily as being intimately involved in the Epstein operation on crappy websites, full-of-crap Facebook pages, and various craptastic YouTube videos.  Clinton is weathering a host of accusations.

Now, Bubba is choosing a new approach in order to get himself immunity from appearing in court and admitting under oath to things we all know he did, including dealing in Satanic propaganda, acting as Hillary’s Chief of Secret Murder, and beating Newt Gingrich to death with a saxophone.  “Executive privilege.”

Conservatives like Sandy Batt think such a method is unfathomable, except when Donald Trump tries to pull it during one of his many cases.  Anon, she spoke :

“Clinton hasn’t been the President for eons.  How can the guy invoke ‘executive privilege’?  What is this, ‘Lethal Weapon 2’?  ‘Diplomatic immunity?’  That’s not even how that works.  Honestly, all we really need to know is how many times.  That would serve as a ballast to make all of us right wingers feel okay for being the overwhelming majority of sex offenders in the United States.”

(Just like the rumors of Bill Clinton travelling aboard the ‘Lolita Express’ airplane to Epstein’s island, however, that statement does not contain any identifiable evidence.)

There is plenty of evidence of Joe Biden falling asleep to phone calls from Al Gore though.

Meanwhile, Miss Maxwell contends in her defense, that much of this so-called “scandal” has been overblown in the media, and that her part in it is merely tertiary.  For our conservative readers : “Woman claim she no do bad things.”

Clinton’s appearance in the trial is scheduled for day five, which will not be televised.  Because he’s a vampire and wouldn’t show up on film anyway.

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