Speaker Pelosi Loses It Over Trump’s Legalistic Team

She's Drunk Again!

President Donald Trump is pulling out all of the stops in his defense from the witch-hunt of a hoax of a trial in the Senate starting Tuesday. The Speaker of the House and Head witch-hunter Nancy Pelosi D-CA, is seen here holding her gavel overhead, threatening a male intern, Joseph Barrón. Barron “was just doing his job”, by giving Pelosi the bad news. “She acts like I’m a whistleblower or something.”

After a couple of vodka and tonics Pelosi seemed to have taken the edge off long enough to sit down for an interview.

Billy Ray: Thank you Madam Speaker for taking the time to answer a few questions for us.

Pelosi: “Yeah, yeah, let’s make this snappy ok? Can I get you something to drink?”

BRJ: “No thank you. I’m working.“

Pelosi: “Yeah well this is how I roll young fella. This is a tough business.” She raised her glass up to signal her staff by the bar she needed another drink.

BRJ: “Why were you so upset that the President used Kenneth Starr was added to his legal team?”

Pelosi: (noticeably slurring her words) ”Look when you’ve been in this biz as long as I have you hear things. Ken Starr is a conservative hack. He made up half of his investigation into Clinton. Out and out lies. Linda Tripp’s story. All fabricated, they Impeached Bill and over what? Do you know how often that sort of thing goes on in this town? You sure you don’t want some?” she asked, hoisting her empty glass. “This is straight out of Putin’s liquor cabinet. Made from the best Idaho spuds.”

BRJ: ”No thanks. So why did you take it out on your intern?”

Pelosi: “Oh that? That’s just a game we play. Joey loves it when I act all domineering like that. He’s a good kid. Look I have to go. Can you send Joey back in here? There is a box of Cubans on the credenza by the door. Take a couple on your way out and tell him momma Nancy needs her fire lit.”

We don’t exactly know what that means, but the intern went into her office and locked the door. We can only speculate what happened next.

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