Democrats Say Lazy Americans Need to Start Paying Their Bills

The truth is right in front of you

There are people who are suffering right now, and Democrats don’t seem to understand this. Democrats think that once things start getting better, then Americans can get back to normal and take care of things like they were. But they are leaving out an important portion of the population. The one that really matters.

Banks, lenders, mortgage companies see suffering right now. And suffering bigly. This $40 billion a month industry is going to need to be bailed out if greedy, selfish Americans don’t start paying their bills. Americans didn’t put anything back for a rainy day or a massive pandemic, and these patriotic Trump supporting businesses who’ve ripped us off for decades are hurting right now.

Speaking to one mortgage company owner, Joseph Barron of Barron & Batt Mortgage, he was outraged. After all he’s done for these people, selling their debts to other companies for pennies on the dollar while you get racked with higher fees and interests, all to help out his bottom line. How is he going to afford a new Mercedes this year? Have you people no soul??

Banks and other financial institutions have made billions off the backs of hard working Americans for years. Astronomical late fees, ATM fees to pull out your own money, and now, they’re forced to play fair.

This just isn’t right.

America is all about screwing the hard working middle class out of their last dime without even batting an eye. These greedy, selfish working class stiffs can donate blood, sell a child, rent out space in their homes to perfect strangers, and you know what? Ramen noodles are less than a dollar. Buck up people.

It’s not bad enough that you put these mega corporations at risk every day you might get sick. You’re already taking the caviar out of their cold, heartless mouths by not buying the garbage they hock that you don’t need. Pay your damned bills.

The oldest profession in the world doesn’t have social distancing restrictions.

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