Last Church In Dearborn Forced To Close Its Doors

The truth is right in front of you.

We were warned. They always set themselves up in the same way. They move into pockets of the nation. They set up enclaves for their religion. And then they slowly force everybody else out.

This is the Muslamian method of operations and it is happening right here in America.

Minnesota, California, New York…… all these states are beginning to lose their Christianity but no state is experiencing this more than Michigan – specifically, Dearborn, Michigan.

Has the war between Satan and Laser Jeezus been lost?

The Obama years saw a massive influx of refugees from the Middle East and Northern Africa into the city. Soon, the population of Dearborn reached today’s peak of 93.6% non-Christian. The actual number of remaining Christians is now less than 1000. They had been driven from their homes and businesses over several years by the hordes who made it clear that “Christianity is no longer welcome here”.

The Christians that remained practiced their faith very privately for the most part, for Dearborn’s churches were virtually spit upon by the new city council.

Revelations tells us that Jesus will return on the backs of the original steeds in the end times to fight the final battle of good vs evil.

First the crosses came down, deemed illegal by the new law. Personal jewelry was included in this. One could not speak biblical scripture in public. Then the church tax exemption was removed, making their existence difficult with dwindling donations. Churches began to have no choice but to close up shop. And now, the last remaining church in Dearborn, MI , Our Lady of Perpetual Petulance, will he forced to close its doors due to “an absence of faith.”

The Reverend Barry McCociner had this to say :

”The day has finally come. Jesus has died again in Dearborn. The faithful have left.  Those that remain are now devoid of hope. The false God has taken over.“

This is what Obama brought to America. This is what the Democrats have always wanted. God save America.



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