Lifelong Conservative David Koch Passes Away Leaving $150 Million To Trump Campaign And Vets

The truth is right in front of you

David Koch, the most generous of the Koch family benefactors has died. His passing was expected as he was ill but is still a shock to all. He was a great man and his legacy will live on through his siblings, children, and grandchildren.

Koch was a stalwart conservative all his life. He fought for what was right – church, Christian rights, tough criminal justice, law and order – all things moral and decent, both here and abroad. He did so with his influence as one of the richest men in the planet but largely with the riches themselves. David Koch donated billions of dollars to various conservative causes in his lifetime, $500 million last year alone. His contributions provided wealth and installed good and honest governments throughout the world.

Even in death his generosity and commitment to taking conservative platforms forward has not ended. Koch’s will stipulates that $150 million be handed over to President Trump for his reelection efforts and to help veteran causes through the president.

In his own words:

“President Trump has done more to further decency in this country than anybody in my lifetime. Only the intelligent offer him support. Only a socialist would oppose him. And I am no socialist.

I will be leaving a significant amount of money to his reelection campaign. $150 million. I won’t be outdone by Perot and his $100 million.”

This country owes a debt of gratitude to David Kock that can never be repaid. A thank you from all will have to suffice.

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