‘Find Me on Gab’: Candace Owens Quits Twitter over Conservative Censorship

She made the right decision

Another prominent conservative has told Twitter to go to hell and is instead headed where her views will be embraced — black conservative Candace Owens.

Owens, who is black and agrees with Donald Trump says that her blackness was why she was why Twitter recently censored her views on how democrats oppress black women like her.

Owens was temporarily banned from Twitter after she said that comparing blacks to primates was “the right thing to do because Democrats are keeping us all in cages.”

She was later reinstated with an apology from Twitter, who says that she was “banned by mistake.”

But Owens decided that maybe a Twitter ban wasn’t such a bad idea after all. She announced via Twitter that she would no longer be on Twitter. Instead, she says she is headed to what some detractors have called “right-wing Facebook” — Gab.

“If you want to keep in touch, I have created an account on Gab after receiving an invitation from the CEO personally,” Owens says. “He assures me my views are ‘100 percent welcome on the platform and even encouraged.'”

“They agree with me on everything,” Owens added hours before closing her Twitter account. “Including all those Hitler smears Democrats threw at me recently.”

Owens was referring to her statement that if “Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well” instead of trying to go global, “he wouldn’t have been such a problem.”

Democrats hate Candace Owens because she is a proud black woman who has escaped the plantation. They hate that she has opinions — nevermind what those opinions are.

We’re happy that Owens has chosen to move on from Twitter and — as she recently announced — Facebook. She’ll be much better off on Gab, and maybe we conservatives should consider following her.

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