Kirk Douglas’ Liberal Family Shocked By Huge Donation To Trump Campaign

Kirk Douglas had an amazing career both on stage and in film, starring in such classic cinematic masterpieces as ‘Spartacus’ and ‘Tough Guys.’ He had a commanding presence as an actor that few have matched.

While his sudden death came as little surprise to his family – he had been quite ill since his stroke some time ago – the contents of his will shocked them all. Son Michael, and all his grandchildren fully expected that the estate of this great man would go them, or perhaps to what they felt were worthy charitable causes such as the combat of global warming or aid to refugee families. Where the funds were actually directed to completely threw them for a loop.

The Douglas family has always been very liberal, devout Democrat voters and supporters of left wing causes such as open borders and mass immigration. The elder Kirk had shown similar support early in his life but it seems that he had a change of heart in his later years, for his Last Will and Testament made very clear where his legacy finds were to be directed – to the Trump 2020 campaign.

Michael Douglas read to the press an excerpt from the document:

“It has occurred to me in these last years that I’ve lived my life wrongly. I spent many decades fighting for who I thought were the desperate and downtrodden, but I now see that they were nothing more than lazy scammers and thieves. Why did I expend so much energy on welfare bums instead of hardworking Americans who are the real victims of the globalist agenda? I allowed Soros and his henchmen to manipulate my mind and for this I am full of regret.

To my fellow patriots, I am sorry for my past actions but I assure you that I eventually did see the light. I saw the emergence of Donald Trump and his path to the Presidency as an opportunity to redeem myself and gave these last years of my life to him. This will continue after my death as 90% of my estate shall hereby be bequeathed to President Trump’s reelection campaign.

To my family, I’m sorry if you feel snubbed but I know that in time you will see that a better America will also bring a better you.”

The Douglas family has indicated that they will fight the will in court, arguing that Kirk was not of sound mind when he wrote it. Those words say otherwise. They show that he had finally achieved true sanity.

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