John Durham’s Team Files First Round of Grand Jury Indictments

John Durham, the acting Inspector general’s Top man in the investigation of the swamp, is planning to file his first round of indictments for a federal grand jury to vote on. Under Washington Law, the grand jury must vote with a 2/3rds majority, with the 11th District Court Judges acting as tie-breakers. The 11th District has three judges appointed by Trump.

According to our sources inside the IG’s office, who may or may not be credible, the former Connecticut lawman is hard at work making people accountable for working for and/or taking orders from the swamp, otherwise known as the Deep State:

“So far Durham has found enough evidence to file 11 complaints against federal employees hired during the Obama administration. Four clerical assistants who “mistakenly” misspelled Trump’s name on purpose, three photographers willing to alter pictures of the inauguration to make it look like Obama’s was bigger, and three cafeteria workers who have openly stated they would ‘spit in Trump’s food’ if given the chance are all on the chopping block.”

The Deep State is demanding that the names of these employees be kept secret so no “lunatic Trumpsters” go looking to harm them, but that seems unlikely. In an open letter to the Washington Post, Kellyanne Conway says the current administration will “prosecute these traitors to the fullest extent of the law.

Once those traitors are behind bars, we’ll finally have some Obama-era convictions for our memes and the internet will once again be a place where the truth thrives.

It’s a good day to be an American. As long as you love Donald Trump.


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