Joe Biden Suspected of Decades-Long Treasury Fraud

The truth is right in front of you.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s lead has been increasing in the polls, the gain literally came out of nowhere, like his influx of campaign cash. Well, a new investigation by AG Barr has uncovered decades of fraud against the United States government and its treasury by Joe Biden, where he pocketed millions of dollars.

“It started small, pennies per transaction, and grew from there” says AG Barr. “What started out as petty theft is now a massive felony, with millions of dollars that were funneled to Biden’s bank accounts.

Treasury Undersecretary Sandy Batt was first to notice the missing money after an audit of their systems. It started in 1997, and grew in size during Biden’s tenure as Vice President for Barack Hussein Obama.

“This is a serious crime, and almost unbelievable how it was pulled off” added Joseph Barron,  a lawyer with the Treasury. The money was used to start the Biden 2020 campaign and golf trips to exclusive resorts in New Jersey and Florida.

The Feds are waiting until they have all of their t’s crossed and i’s dotted. “It’s not something we can just jump into and point fingers, says an anonymous source. “We must first wait and see if this is actually normal operating procedure, as Donald Trump has set precedent here.”

Donald Trump directed AG Barr to investigate after Don Jr., son of the president, found a floppy disc in one of the computers in the White House basement, where he lives. He was getting ready to play a new game and came across the disc, opening up the files and having to ask Ivanka what it all means.

Ivanka noticed what it was after doing the same to the companies she pretended to run for years. 

“Good thing I’ve got an eye for fraud, as a Trump, I’m pretty good at it myself!”  

It’s a good thing we have this family in control of our nation, God knows what shenanigans Biden will pull!

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