Chinese Now Calling Trump : ‘Hu Phou’- ‘The Spreader’


The nation of China has their own little coloquialisms of language, just like we do, only Communist.  In the populous country, “Douy Mann” refers to a person of little intelligence speaking aloud.  “Suki Minut” is an expression that means : “You may kneel.”  And now, the term “Hu Phou” is gaining popularity within the Orient, referring to American President Donald Trump.  It means : “The Spreader”, or “a person who encourages the spreading of disease.”

Okay, how many times do you want Sister Mary to apologize already?

Chinese experts like Professor Joe Barron of Oral Roberts University believe that the term originated from Chinese Minister of Moo Goo Gai Pan, Xoo Landur, a long time government advisor to President Xi, and refers to Trump’s consistent propensity to hideously bungle the current pandemic response in the United States.  Barron set down his game of Fortnite to speak to DWU:

“The Chinese have a bit of a weirder and darker sense of humor than we westerners do.  They have, frankly, viewed Trump as a cartoon character from day one, and haven’t ever taken him seriously.  Even though the current crisis originated in China, they view him as, basically, an incompetent successor to Obama, who, during the Ebola outbreak, immediately sent scientists to the source in order to stop the spread to begin with.  Trump, conversely, tried to cut off flights after the infection had already gotten out and gives daily advice that seemingly aims TO spread it farther.  They’re not wrong.  He’s a complete drooling tardmess.”

Even Wyatt’s brother Chet is a better advisor, with the same affliction.

With the derogatory term trending on both Facebook and Twitter right now, the administration is scrambling to have it’s propaganda control arm, Fox News, develop a counter defense before the nickname spreads.  Of Trump being The Spreader.

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