Sri Lanka Releases Photo Of Terrorist Bombing Suspect


The recent bombing of a Christian church in in Sri Lanka was devastating. The blast left almost 300 dead with 600 more injured. Now, authorities have identified the man responsible for the attack and released his photo.

According to Sri Lankan officials, Ibn Maryam, 22, of a Palestinian village outside Sepphoris, is responsible for the attack.

Maryam, who is darker-skinned and a central figure in a certain religion responsible for a lot of bloodshed, has made his disdain for Christian churches known in the past. In 2011, he entered a Catholic church and began throwing furniture around while screaming about corruption. He has also been involved in several other incidents.

Law enforcement has released the following sketch of the culprit based on witness accounts.

Maryam is wanted in connection with the attack and, if convicted, faces several lifetimes in prison with the possibility of death by crucifixion.

Police are also seeking 11 of Maryam’s accomplices, all of whom have been known to commit other terrorist attacks in his name.

The terrorist leader’s identity became known after one of his other accomplices gave information to police in exchange for a reward.

Maryam was last seen heading to Palestine. He often dresses like a Muslamic Imam in a robe and turban.

Sri Lankan officials are asking anyone with any information to contact Interpol.

As always, the terrorist was exactly as we expected him — a Middle-Eastern religious figure who hates the Christian religion.

It’s time for us to openly renounce people like Maryam. They’re evil and bring nothing but trouble.


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