Jealous Obama Pays To Get His Own Hollywood Star

The truth is right in front of you

Another ceremony on Hollywood Boulevard yesterday unveiled yet another Star on the Walk of Fame. This one, however, contained much more pomp and circumstance than usual because of exactly who was receiving the honor. For on this brisk California evening of August 8, Former President Barack Hussein Obama was inducted into into the hallowed chamber of glamour and respect shared by so many others, including our beloved President Donald Trump.

But it’s not the fact that he now has a star on the Walk that’s interesting here, but rather how he got it. For Obama didn’t earn this distinction like everyone else, he paid for it. He bought it and that is an insult to all who actually put in the effort to get there.

Barack Obama has reportedly been so extremely jealous of President Trump’s star that he had become known to fly into uncontrollable rages over the matter from time to time. Staff at the Obama Foundation began to fear our washed up president as did his wife and kids. It got so bad that Michelle Obama counselled him to just “do something about it.”

“You are the most powerful man on earth. If you want a stupid star so badly, go out and take one.”

So he did.

Though the star was publicly touted as being for Obama’s work as an executive producer on Netflix, the truth is that Obama paid $6.5 million in bribes to the Hollywood Community Star Council to have his star installed. Never before has anyone been allowed to buy their way onto the Walk of Fame. This was an outrageous first showing that Obama’s arrogance knows absolutely no bounds.

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