House Democrats Want To Allow Inmates To Vote

The truth is right in front of you

House democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, are pushing forward a bill that would allow incarcerated inmates the right to vote. The bill has the support of all Dems and is expected to pass.

Historically, inmates have been stripped of their voting rights, the idea being that they gave up that right when the decided to ignore the laws of the land. In many states that ban extends to their release from prison, unable to vote for the rest of their lives.

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Democrats say this is unconstitutional and say they are fighting it all the way to the Supreme Court if they have to. This bill is their first step. Pelosi provided some background into this decision:

“No matter their crime, they are citizens. The constitution makes no distinction between the free and the imprisoned as far as allowing citizens the right to decide our future.

Only republicans oppose this yet they’ll run convicted criminals for office! Total hypocrites. We’ll put convicts into office but we won’t let them vote. They support the worst kind of criminals, like child molesters, but stand against allowing some guy who was busted with a dime bag when he was 20 the right to cast a ballot. Remember Dennis Hastert? They loved him all the way through trial.

Citizens get to vote. Period. No matter where they have chosen to live.”

This is obviously a ploy to gain votes. Criminals always vote for democrats because democrats are criminals too. They stick together.

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