Islahimidin Council Of Michigan Demands Girls Be Pulled From School:’Education Is For Boys’

The truth is right in front of you

The upstart Islahimidin Council of Michigan has been a thorn in the side of local, state, and federal governments for some time now, demanding legislation that would better benefit those they represent. Their lobbyists and lawyers are constantly nattering in the ears of legislators to the point where most government buildings have simply banned their presence. But they haven’t quit. They’ve simply changed their strategy. Lawsuits are now being filed on their behalf to fight for their wants in the courtroom. The latest is sure to be the most controversial yet.

ICM is suing the Michigan Department of Education to have the mandatory education of children law lifted…..but just for girls. More than that, they want females to be denied public educations altogether, stating that “Education is only for boys and men.”

ICM spokesperson Jomala Al-Baaron laid out their reasoning for the suit in a letter to the press:

“The Creator is very clear on the role of a woman. They are to be the servants of men. So they have no need of education, nor jobs, nor any special skills outside those needed to take care of the home, the children, and her husband. She is less than.

Their bible also calls for stonings for women who are not virgins at marriage.

The Holy Book lays it all out. This was the rule from the beginning. Men take wives who become the possessions of the men. They should not speak unless addressed by her husband or without his permission. They should not ever have an authority over men. They should always submit to the man. Our Bible makes it very clear.”

These people need to realize that America is a secular state, as our Founding Fathers intended it. That is what made us unique and that is what made us great.

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