‘Irregularities’ Discovered In Electoral College Procedure May Nullify The Vote: Report

A report has been issued showing that the Electoral College may not have followed the proper procedure, which could nullify their vote.

According to the rules, the EC must meet every four years, on the 14th of December, in the Capitol Rotunda, to cast their ballots for the next President of the United States.

Since they’re having their meeting online instead, the rules aren’t satisfied, and the Supreme Court can nullify the vote. Would they? Probably, because it’s procedurally correct and the Constitution says there’s a backup plan by sending the vote to the House of Representatives.

They would most likely vote 26-23 for Trump.

Democrats aren’t too concerned about the effort, stating “irregularities” in the rules themselves. Spokesman for the left, Art Tubolls, told reporters that he has some questions:

“I question the rules themselves, since they seem to just be something someone made up. There is no requirement for quorum in person and no stipulation about December 14th specifically and never once has an Electoral College met in the Capiol Rotunda.

Essentially, like all the other ridiculous things the Cult of 45 has come up with, this is a load of crap written by a satirist from Maine.”

Well, Mr. Tubolls, you may not think the opinion of some guy from Maine matters, but we sure do. This whole thing is, of course, being ignored by the MSM and you won’t find Fox News reporting on it.

As a matter of fact, this one is so far out there that Newsmax may pass. But surely we’ll make our way to Alex Jones.

Batten down the hatches, Patriots. There’s hope on the horizon.

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