Iranian Designer Drug Hits The Streets

It targets the elderly

Health authorities are alarmed by rapid spread of the latest designer drug to hit the streets of America.  It’s messing with minds, causing mass confusion, and can be found in virtually every state – urban and rural areas  – in the entire United States.

Al-Lod has recently spread worldwide, rotting the brains of people throughout Europe and Asia.

The drug’s street name is Al-Lod and is believed to originate from the Middle East. At last count there were at least a third of a million users nationwide. It is highly addictive  and has varied affects upon users.

For many, it creates confusion. A loss of reason and logic occurs. Paranoia is induced. The user becomes in creasingly vulnerable to the power of suggestion. Essentially, it degenerates the mind, causing almost a devolution within the one consuming it.

In others, it creates  empathy simultaneous with disgust. The abuser has an outlet to display higher intellect and lord it over the paranoid set. He can’t help it. The paranoid invite it. In a bizarre co-existence, the two different groups feed off each other, strengthening the high.

Amongst both subsets, Al-Lod is highly addictive, the users unable to even fathom the idea of ever abandoning the drug. They don’t want to and they rarely  do.  They’re in it for life.

Al-Lod Is synthesized from an extract of moldy potatoes.  Through a complex chemical process, performed in dangerous labs around the world, the extract goes through a “mashing”, that is a blending with slick oils and dead grey matter to create a liquid with extremely low viscosity. It is then cut and sold.

Mr Blair alternately describes himself as a “troll” and a “goat”, lingo particular to his brand of drug.

A man named Christopher Blair is suspected of being the American kingpin behind the drug operation. He is elusive and very crafty, they say, but little is known about him. He remains at large.

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