Insider Offers Proof: The Deep State is Running Joe Biden’s Campaign

Our source inside the Deep State says that they are definitely gearing up to move on Joe Biden’s campaign “like a bitch.” The source, who asked to remain anonymous until lacrosse season ends, says the evidence is insurmountable at this point:

“Biden isn’t in control anymore. That lasted about 5 minutes. Hillary Clinton is at the wheel. The Obamas are in charge of outreach and fundraising and Soros has pledged $900 million to their criminal campaign. The Globalists and their new world order are poised to infiltrate the White House. They formed this alliance during the last months of Obama when they knew Trump was coming and once they get in…they’ll never leave.”

The Deep State will run the campaign from the Clinton Compound and the Obamas will keep at arm’s length, spearheading the propaganda wing of the establishment from Chicago. Soros is rallying billionaires from around the country, including the former Republican Koch Brothers and the Waltons, and forming a wall of money that even Trump may have a hard time getting over.

The Trump team is making preparations to block the Deep State from participating in our elections, but they’ve finally figured out how to use Citizens United to turn their money into people. Sometimes our own tricks can backfire on us.

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