Ilhan Omar Proposes Elimination of Thanksgiving Holiday

The truth is right in front of you

Not surprising given her ingratitude for everything this country has done for her, Democrat Ilhan Omar wants to do away with one of our most beloved holidays – Thanksgiving. She calls it a “fake holiday with fake meaning behind it,” adding that to celebrate the pilgrims in this way is “vile and disgusting”. She explains:

“This day is portrayed as some wonderful event when the Pilgrims and the natives of this country came together as one. This is all a lie. Fake news.

The truth of the matter is that the pilgrims and every other European that came here so many centuries ago slaughtered the natives in massive numbers. They were heartless and relentless, as is the American way. None of those who travelled to the new land from Europe have done nothing in 500 years to be celebrated as good. Everything they have touched has turned to crap. Crap covered in blood and other materials. America is Santorum.

The recognition of this holiday needs to be done away with. We should not celebrate attempted genocide.”

This woman has never shown thanks for anything. She thinks only of herself and her agenda. If you hate our traditions so much, Ilhan, why do you stay?

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