Ilhan Omar Founds “Musslamic Lives Matter More”

Next Saturday in Washington, DC will mark the first of what’s sure to be a long series of marches from another criminal organization masquerading as a civil rights group. On that day, the world will formally introduced to MLMM – Muslammic Lives Matter More.

These signs were Photoshopped onto this unrelated protest in order to show the true intentions of the Musslamics.

The group was founded by Ilhan Omar two months ago in response, she claimed, to “rampant harassment against and intimidation of Muslammics In America.” She says Muslammics are unfairly painted as thugs and terrorists and added that “BLM is stupid. Black people don’t know what bad treatment is. Except for the Muslammic ones. They’re very familiar. They have a double whammy on them. Black AND practitioners of the one true religion. They’re screwed.”

MMLM intends to lobby city, state, and federal governments for protection. They will ask that any crime against Muslammics, no matter how small, be declared a hate crime. So, if one were to crash into a Mussel’s car, for instance, that would be hate. Any harm that falls upon them would be scapegoated onto a white Christian by default.

They further intend to lobby for Shania Law implementation at the federal level and to destroy democracy, saying that Aslam is the “one path for man.”

Of course, right minded people know that this is just a cover for terrorist acts. Muslammics have but one intention in the world – Destruction of all that is good.

Write your congressman today to have MMLM placed on a terrorist watchlist. Tell them that we are not fooled.

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