House Republicans Vow To Disrupt Impeachment Daily:’We’re Stopping This Now’

The truth is right in front of you

Republican members of the House stormed the democrat’s impeachment hearings today, effectively bringing their day to a halt. They called the proceedings “a star chamber”, “a kangaroo court”, and “Soviet style.” They’re not wrong.

Their disruption was so effective in bringing the hearing to an early close that they’ve decided to continue the practice each and every day.

Harold Bush, Republican Representative for Rhode Island, told us what to expect:

“We will be there daily, without fail. Testimony can’t continue if it can’t be heard. We will be there with bullhorns and loudspeakers, possibly a sit-in, with our whole gang sitting cross legged and singing ‘Kumbaya’ loud enough to drown out the fabricated witnesses.

To be honest, we fully expected to be arrested today. What we did was highly illegal but the democrats, it seems, have no balls. Haha! So why not? We’re going to keep going. We’re going to disrupt the motherf***er!”

Bush is correct. Their actions were technically illegal but, at the same time, they are citizens and all citizens have the right to peacefully protest. The liberals know that. They tell us that every time their commie buddies line the street, stopping traffic, wearing their pink hats, and screaming at the sky. The GOP’s plan is a good one. Bring the farce of an investigation to a halt. Democrats won’t have the stones to carry on.

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