Influential Star Bailey Jay Is Spreading Love For Trump In Hollywood

The truth is right in front of you

Adult film star Bailey Jay is known for her films, but now she has come out as a very conservative Trump supporter. She is using her films to push her fans to vote for the president in 2020. She continues to find ingenious ways to keep her audience interested and active

“As an American, I feel it’s my duty to use my talent to thrust President Trump’s agenda into the people who enjoy my work. We mustn’t go soft on this when he’s working so hard for the American people. They’ve gotten the shaft for so long”

Ms Jay is an up-and-cummer in entertainment and is blessed with a large “wand” of influence.

Ms Jay’s films include strategically placed MAGA products while she herself writes in Trump slogans into the scripts. At first, her co-stars were unsure of these moves but Ms Jay has brought many a man around to her way of thinking

A co-star who was interviewed said:

“At first glance, I thought Bailey was a different way, but as we went on, she showed me a much different side, and made me a believer. I’ve kept quiet for too long, I want to show the world the real me.  All of me.”

She says that in her industry, conservatives’ hands are tied and they are silenced, usually gagged so as not to speak out about their firm, rigidly held beliefs. A true travesty for the fans searching for deeper meaning into her work.

Even though non-traditional, Ms Jay believes that, through her work, she can make them see the MAGA light.

We wish you all the best Ms Jay.

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