Hillary Clinton Racked Up 4 New Bodies In 2019

2019 was a productive year for the Clinton Crime Family. They managed to bamboozle the Democrats and all of their representatives into impeaching President Trump, all while stealing more than $300 million from the American taxpayer for their bogus “foundation.”

On top of that, they also managed to have Slick Willy’s name cleared in the Pedo Island scandal, Chelsea was exonerated after selling weapons to Iran, and all it cost was three innocent lives — and one we don’t mind losing.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the four people put on ice by the Clintons this year.

  1. Jeffrey Epstein – This one is obvious. In order to put an end to the investigations into his illegal activities, Epstein “committed suicide” while waiting for his trial in a federal jail. His untimely end was welcomed by many abusive, sick monsters, but nobody benefited more than Bill Clinton. After Epstein died, the Clintons are said to have thrown a party that can only be described as disgusting.

    While the mainstream media doesn’t like to talk about the Epstein case, it’s common knowledge in prison circles that Hillary ordered the hit on Epstein, paying more than $4 million for 5 minutes worth of work. The scandal will probably never be officially solved, as the Clintons managed to pay off everyone involved.

  2. Malcom Reynolds – Reynolds was an unsuspecting writer whose talents were becoming popular in New York literary circles. Winner of the 1987 Space Ghost Coast to Coast Haiku contest, Reynolds was poised to be the number one selling author on the New York Times bestseller list, with Chelsea Clinton a close 2nd. His death in May came at the perfect time for Chelsea, who hastily put out yet another book about the Trumps that liberals ate up, skyrocketing her to the top of the list.

    Reynolds, of course, was dead. His final work unfinished, he was bumped from the list, and Chelsea enjoyed the title until Don Jr’s “Triggered” came out and bumped them both to the bottom.

  3. Bob Sandhu – Sandhu was the medical examiner in Barron County, Arkansas who sought to have several bodies connected to the Clintons exhumed for further investigation. He was found dead one morning in August alone in his apartment, being eaten by a small furry animal some described as “the ugliest dog they had ever seen.”

    Sandhu’s position was taken by a Clinton supporter and the cases he was interested in mysteriously disappeared.

  4. Art Tubolls – Tubolls was the District Judge of Westchester County, New York who refused to let Hillary off with a warning after she was caught driving under the influence of bloogies with Oprah Winfrey. He was found in his garage with a garden hose shoved so far down his throat there was no way it was self-inflicted, yet his death was ruled a suicide.

All four of the deaths, in fact, were labeled suicides, even though there was no possible way they killed themselves. The deaths all occurred in such a way and in such a place, however, that the Clintons were able to control the flow of information. There are currently no investigatio9ns going on into any of them, as prosecutors have grown weary of spending money and allocating resource4s to a cause they can’t win.

The Clintons put four people down this year. That’s just a fact. What’s really sad is, this is their slowest year since Bill took office in Arkansas in 1982. Their grand total is now anywhere from 139 to 216, depending on who you talk to. Either way, these people shouldn’t be allowed to keep doing this. It must be stopped.

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