Hillary Clinton Questioned by New York City Homicide Detectives

Homicide detectives in New York won’t confirm or deny that they had Hillary Clinton in the stationhouse of the 712th precinct for more than 5 hours yesterday, but our source inside the department was clear. Hillary was there and it wasn’t buy tickets to the annual Policeman’s Ball.

Sandy Batt, our insider who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity, told us:

“Clinton was brought in at about 11 AM, and all she did was smile and laugh until her lawyer got there an hour later. Four hours after that, she walked out, and the Desk Sargeant handed her back her watch and bottle of hot sauce.

“According to my firend, Detective Art Tubolls, she was being questioned in connection with the Epstein case. Was he murdered? I think we all know the answer. Will Hillary Clinton ever have to face the consequences for killing him? Apparently not.”

The Clintons say they weren’t even in the country yesterday, but surveillance from the chili and cheese machine at their local Qwik-E-Mart says different. According to Sy Lentbob, who sells natural herbal supplements outside the store, the Clintons were definitely there:

“Yeah it was them. They always come see me after they get their hot dogs and nachos for a bit of the herbal essence. Hillary really enjoys essential oils and Bill is a regular gummy bear eater. I know it was them because the temperature drops a few degrees when Hillary comes near.”

Sy and his hetero lifemate, Jay, are living, breathing proof that the Clintons are liars. It’s time to make them pay.


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