Hillary Clinton Makes Iowa Caucus Victory Speech: ‘I Accept Your Nomination’

Des Moines, Iowa (Reutars News) – Following the fiasco during Iowa Caucus that has caused a massive delay in accurate results, the DNC announced that Hillary Clinton will be declared the victor. A photo op immediately followed, where you can see Clinton in her trademark pant suit shaking hands with the Iowa State DNC Chairperson.

One Sioux City woman said:

“I just couldn’t believe my eyes. There she was shaking hands with the Iowa DNC Chairperson Doris Schutt, accepting the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States. This is once in a lifetime stuff. It was on my bucket list!”

Other people close to the incident said Hillary’s team came into the public visitation room of the governor’s mansion to set up props like podiums with the presidential seal so it “looked official.”

In a statement exclusively made only to Reutars News, DNC Chairperson Doris Schutt said:

“Once we had those issues with the app, we couldn’t determine a winner out of the current field of nominees. Title 1.9, Article 4750 of the Democratic Party Bylaws state, and I quote:

‘Should there be a failure in counting during a caucus, the candidate from the previous general election, who won the popular vote by over three million, may be nominated in place of a clear winner’

She continued to say that “Hillary Clinton was the clear winner.”

Does the DNC really want to run Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump in the general election?

Hillary Clinton ended her 49-minute victory speech saying, “I accept your nomination. I haven’t had my turn yet and it’s long overdue. It’s my honor to accept this nomination to be the first woman president of the United States! Thank you!”

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