Witnesses ID Disguised Hillary In Vicinity Of Epstein Prison Last Night

The truth is right in front of you

The FBI has begun their investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s death. While it appears on the surface to have been a suicide, the medical examiner has not ruled it as such and so it is being viewed by law enforcement as suspicious…..especially given the knowledge he had on pedophile rings on America. Epstein was in a position to expose and put away dozens of high profile names and the law is aware of this. Many people had motivation to eliminate him as a witness.

In the course of their investigation, the Feds had set up a tip line and it has already yielded results. Several people have offered eyewitness information that puts Hillary Clinton in the vicinity of the prison late last night at a nearby gas station. She donned a disguise but the witnesses are apparently convinced of who they saw. Being such a well known figure in America, she is easily recognized, her face known by all.

Elaborate disguises are thought by many to be a reason why Clinton has eluded capture in the past.

Follow up investigations have taken a look at the surveillance camera footage at the gas station and it has proved fruitful. Though grainy, a woman fitting the description of Hillary can be seen and the car she came in on appears to be the same make and model as one in her possession.

The FBI declined to officially comment on the finds as they “will not comment on an ongoing investigation” but one agent anonymously revealed that they are indeed looking very closely at the last Secretary of State and her husband Bill. We will keep you updated as details emerge.

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