Nurses and Doctors Want Student Loans Forgiven After Crisis

The Truth is right in front of you

Doctors and nurses across America, especially in the hardest hit areas, think the best thanks they could get is to forgive their student loans. They feel it’s only appropriate that this happens since, as they believe, they’re saving the lives of millions of Americans by putting themselves at risk.

There’s an online petition to try and convince President Trump to help them to get this done, even more interesting is most doctors and nurses do not support President Trump, and could use this extra money to donate to democratic causes and candidates. 

This is what they signed up for! Dr Joseph Barron who’s been on the front lines thinks it’s fair.

“We’ve been putting our lives on the line for the American people throughout this pandemic, and since we are getting no extra pay and in some cases, no pay at all, this would be a wonderful way to show appreciation to the brave medical professionals who are literally saving America right now.”

Think of how selfish this is!

Nurse Sandra Batt, who’s been a nurse for several years, has been showing signs of contracting the virus, has been paying the loans for years. They’ve been bought and sold by different companies over the years and the interest keeps adding up. She’s been working 24 hour shifts to combat the virus and loves the idea.

“I’ll finally get ahead, and provide a better life for my children.”

These people think WE owe them something.

The idea has been gaining traction in liberal circles and among leftist democrat lawmakers, calling these people heroes. They’re simply doing their job, the job they signed up for. Nobody told them to do this job, and we, as freedom loving conservatives don’t need them to.

Chuck Schumer, D-NY and many other democrats want a “heroes’ fund” for first responders and essential employees who’ve been working through the pandemic. They believe the people who’ve been putting their lives on the line deserve extra pay. Once again, these people chose their jobs and should be happy just working. If they die, they die. This isn’t America’s problem.

If there’s anything we know, it’s that conservative America has had enough of free loading medical staff thinking they’re doing something special in this country. This is America, and America doesn’t do socialism. This is socialism, and socialism is evil. Fox News told us so!!!

God bless Donald Trump, and God Bless Capitalist American ideals.

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