Smithsonian Exhibit Features Griffin’s Prop Trump Head


A brand new travelling exhibit is taking the art world by storm – or at least by controversial shower.

            “BOYCOTT ALL THE SHOWERS!!!”

The Smithsonian Institution’s newest display of pieces entitled: “America’s Biggest Mistake” is sponsored by such luminaries and organizations as the Soros Foundation, the Obama Freedom Coalition, and Planned Parenthood, and features memorable works of art and exhibition alternately celebrating, and critiquing the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Overall, the piece drawing the most attention is “Lumpy”, the name given to the paper-mache gruesome faux severed head of the former disgraced leader, which led to the condemnation of comedienne Kathy Griffin during his four-year term.  Griffin has since apologized and revitalized her career with a successful live tour and marketing contracts, with the amusing image of the porky noggin featured on T-shirts, stickers, and coffee mugs.

During a stop on the exhibit’s trip in Queefsburgh, Virginia, we caught up with Smithsonian spokesperson Sandy Batt, who explained the popularity and purpose of the artistic tour.

“The head is almost like a centerpiece to the exhibit, because of it’s sense of irony.  It was meant as a fairly nasty joke, yet the so-called ‘tough and outspoken’ subject and his followers nearly wet themselves with outrage worldwide over it.  It shows the Trump crowd’s inherent hypocrisy and pussyism.  We also have some molded pieces of children in cages with a wax model of Melania Trump offering them a dog bowl and a handful of pennies, as well as several inflatable ‘Trump baby’ balloons that humorously urinate on a miniature display of Russian prostitutes underneath.  Tickets are available now, and we’ll be in a city near you for the next year.”

Also on tour – Ben Carson’s theater production of “Killer Klowns from Outer Space.”

The tour has received rave reviews in major media sources, except for fledgling fiction network Newsmax, which has already managed to associate it somehow with the Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements.  I guess some people just don’t have an eye for the fine arts.

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