Rashida Tlaib:’After Impeachment, We Seek To Hang The Motherf***er

The truth is right in front of you

Rashida Tlaib made headlines last year when, on her first day in Congress, she vowed to “Impeach the motherf***er”, referring to our Commander-In-Chief, President Trump. That was seen by all for what it was: a blatant threat against the President of the United States of America, but also giving notice of the only item on the Democrat’s political agenda while in office. They’ve huffed and puffed about it for months but, of course, they’ve had no grounds. But it now seems that they are bowing to the screams of their liberal constituents and forging ahead.

After Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s announcement of intention to proceed with an impeachment inquiry yesterday, Rashida Tlaib was immediately sought out for comment. Her response was both gleeful and chilling:

“Didn’t I tell you? DIDN’T I TELL YOU? We are impeaching the worthless chunk of lard! And when we are done, his name will be nothing more than an ugly blot in our history, like Richard Nixon or Benedict Arnold. Trump thought he was a god but he’s just a dog. And now is the time for him to fall back down to earth.

The Ukraine business is just the easy start. That’s a slam dunk. But when that’s done the dominoes will fall. Nobody will continue to lie for this scum. They’ll turn on him in seconds rather than go down with him. The Russia business will come out. And when it does, he won’t just lose the office that he didn’t legally win. No sir, when that happens, he’ll be convicted for treason.

And when that happens, we aren’t going to settle for jail. We’ll want the same punishment given to anybody else convicted of high treason. We will seek to HANG THE MOTHERF***ER! YEEHAW!”

We are loathe to post a picture of the punishment image Tlaib describes so here’s a picture of a puppy!

Tlaib is obviously just spitballing. Nothing will stick amongst their charges. She is trying to instill fear in President Trump and get him to admit to things he didn’t do. But it won’t work. Trump is a rock and he will turn this around on her. Tlaib’s days in government office will soon come to an end.

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