Hair Salon Owner Found Dead, Pelosi Has Ties To Henchmen

The truth is right there in front of you

The hair salon owner in San Francisco that Nancy Pelosi said set her up, was set up as well. Erica Kiosk, owner of the salon, was found behind the pizza parlor next to her hair salon.

Kiosk, 48, had given Pelosi the haircut heard “round the world.”  Unbeknownst to Pelosi, Kiosk was a patriotic Trump supporter. Pelosi has public words with Kiosk that were seen as a feud between the two.

Investigators were piecing together the clues about what had happened to Ms. Kiosk before their discovery of her body. She was very active on social media and then went silent.

Police are using the day she went silent as a clue to when she had died. When questioned, Ms Pelosi and her 9th husband acted as if they didn’t know the woman, stating “We’ve never even heard of her.”

When questioned about pictures taken together, Pelosi said she takes pictures with lots of people, that doesn’t mean she knows them.

San Francisco lead detective Joseph Barron is leading the investigation, and is asking the public for help.

“There’s no way this woman can just end up here, looking all disheveled, covered in pizza sauce and pizza boxes in the middle of the week.”

He said they know that Pelosi is vindictive, but had no idea she would be capable of this.

“We need to get to the bottom of this, and fast.”

Sandra Batt, Ms Kiosk’s assistant at the salon said she was acting strange all week. Constantly checking her phone and her social media accounts.

“She was always thinking she should be famous, and was always going on about being as famous as Trump, which she admired that rat’s nest on his head. If only she could have done his hair, or whatever that thing is” she said. She was obsessed with fame and Donald Trump.

She wasn’t even very good at hair, nobody knows how she actually got into the business.

Police were still combing the area for clues. Most of the other tenants of the strip mall where she operated her salon didn’t have much good to say about her. Most were kinda happy she wouldn’t be bothering them again.

“She was always going on about how she loved that idiot in the White House,” Pete Strocker said, grinning. “Now she and her stories are gone with the wind. Thank God!”

Pelosi has not released an official statement yet.

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