Goodyear Donates to Biden and BLM After Banning MAGA Hats

Let them wear their hats!

Goodyear Tires have shown where their loyalties lie. And it’s not with us. After banning MAGA hats by their employees, Goodyear donated to the Joe Biden Presidential Campaign and made a hefty donation to Black Lives Matter as well.

After being outed by loyal Trump supporting employees, Trump called for a boycott of Goodyear, prompting the donations.

Goodyear says they want a culture of inclusion, this apparently doesn’t include patriotic Americans who happen to support our amazing president.

Employees said that the MAGA hat ban came down this week while they encouraged employees to show support for Black Lives Matter and also said that LGBT rights clothing was also permitted.

Patriotic Trump supporting Goodyear Tire employees were not amused and were also steaming mad. Tire installer Joe Barron of NoBalls, Kansas, quit his job in protest.

He would not be told he couldn’t support his president.

“This done be BS!!!” he shouted, his one tooth blowing back and forth in the wind. “I’ll be gull derned to be a derned socialist!!” while sitting at his local unemployment office.

He now has to find a way to support his sister wife and 4 children that may or may not be his.

Goodyear not allowing political candidate clothing is new, and also says employees can’t wear Biden clothing, but that doesn’t matter to the people clutching their pearls over not being able to wear Trump apparel.

These are also the same people who’ve never been in a Goodyear dealer, usually buying their tires at a run down garage selling used tires by a guy with a stogie in his mouth and hasn’t seen a shower in two weeks.

How dare a private company make their own rules and dress code? Goodyear should have made the MAGA hat a part of its uniform. Goodyear should have encouraged their employees to show their unrequited love for a man who may just be better than the good God above.

This is communism. Or socialism.

Or one of those words that people don’t understand that they’ll throw around anyway.

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