Giuliani Was Set Up By The Biden Campaign In Movie Scene

The truth is right there in front of you

Rudy Giuliani is not only America’s Mayor, but a close confidant of our greatest president, Donald Trump. He’s one of the President’s most closest advisors, and a lawyer to him as well.

He’s also a former prosecutor, sharp as a tack and tough as nails. But not even Giuliani could get away from the dastardly deeds of the Biden campaign, and notorious troll Sasha Baron Cohen. It was a total set up, and a bad one.

Giuliani was to be interviewed by Cohen and they sent in a young lady instead. Rudy sensed right away that things were not right, but being the consummate professional he is, he went along with it, as he will do anything to please Donald Trump and get his message of making America great. 

He was pleading the case of Trump and MAGA during the interview, waiting for the interviewer to turn on him. Giuliani was ready for anything, except for what happened in that interview.

The young lady invited him back to the bedroom for drinks. And this is where it gets weird. Giuliani laid on the bed, removing his microphone equipment, tucking in his shirt at the same time.

At least that’s what he says. What it looked like was something else completely. And because we’re a family publication, we won’t tell you about Rudy Giuliani totally playing with his junk.

That’s not the Christian thing to do.

But that’s totally what he was doing. Because he’s gross.

Our intrepid, amazing, cooler than the other side of the pillow interviewer Joseph Barron caught up with Sasha Baron Cohen, asking why he would have put Giuliani in such a compromising position.

Cohen said that was all on Rudy, that he thought as soon as the woman asked to go to the bedroom for drinks, Giuliani would have cut the interview off. They were not expecting the creepy old coffin dodger to do what he did.

It was a major surprise to everyone, including Cohen himself.

As for the Biden campaign, they couldn’t believe their good fortune, once again. They literally don’t have to spend a dime of campaign cash, they simply just let trump and his gang of nitwits get themselves into trouble and embarrass themselves.

How does a former prosecutor get trolled by Borat? I guess being smart is not a prerequisite to being the President’s attorney.

God bless America!

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