Giuliani Quietly Files Suit Against Ilhan Omar for ‘Blatant Prejudice’ on Behalf of White House

Rudy Giuliani has filed suit in Minnesota’s Superior Federal Court that accuses Congresswoman Omar of “blatant prejudice against the Commonwealth, bordering on treason.” The suit, filed on behalf of the White House in the name of the citizens of Minnesota, asks that she be relieved of her duties and reprimanded for her actions.

According to an official affidavit:

“Ms. Omar is guilty of not abiding by our nation’s Christian way of life and thinking. By praising a false God who wants to harm us, she has proven she’s not worthy of the office. By taking her oath on a false God’s book, she has nullified that already. The 1952 law is clear and valid.”

According to legal experts, Giuliani is most likely using this suit to climb the ladder to the Supreme Court where he can argue the validity of the 1952 law banning Omar from Congress and pretty much guarantee the win.

The mainstream media is refusing to cover the case, with the exception of Shep Smith on Fox News who called it “frivolous.” The people of Minnesota, however, are standing behind the move.

According to a poll released by the White House Office of Information and Propaganda, 82 percent of respondents approved of the action, with another 11 percent not sure and only 21 percent against it. The poll was conducted via telephone with 1000 registered fans of the President’s campaign site, regardless of their party affiliation.

If the suit succeeds it will pave the way to more banning people who make us uncomfortable from places we like to go, which is good for America.

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