Terrifying Council Promoting Gayness In America

The queer end times are near

With the recent announcement by gay Mayor Pete Buttigieg of his intention to run for president, the threat of the gay agenda has been looming large over the minds of moral Americans. These perverts have gained many positions of influence in recent years and the changes to our nation have been devestating. How did this happen? Who has been pulling the strings behind the scenes to make it happen?

We have recently discovered the existence of a shadowy cabal that rules over the LGBTQ community worldwide. Known as the “Gay High Council”, this group has been responsible for all major movements of homosexuals in the history of mankind. From inclusion in Roman orgies, to the Stonewall Riots, to manufacturing Mayor Pete’s mayoral election win in South Bend, their fingers have been discovered in pies everywhere.

Many saw Buttigieg’s kiss as controversial. The Gay Council saw it as necessary to promote their lifestyle to children.

They are powerful. Al persons of the Lesbian or Gay or Bisexual or Trans or Queer or whatever the new letter descriptions are, have to tithe to the council monthly 10% of their earnings. All major life decision, including running for public office, accepting job offers, adopting a child, or whether to brunch on Saturday or Sunday, must gain Council approval

The symbol of the Council’s Big Gay Revolution.

They have been instrumental in working for gay rights and gay lifestyle promotion. It is the Gay High Council’s manipulations that forced gay marriage upon us.

And they are ruthless. The livelihoods of thousands have been snatched away in the Council’s quest for ultimate power. The only crimes of these victims was vocal and sometimes violent opposition to being forced to accept the homosexual’s ungodly lifestyle.

All stories read to kids by drag queens must receive Gay High Council Assent.

All of us are well aware of the ultimate goal of the Gay High Council – world domination, forced gayness, and an end to the human race. We can only hope that President Trump can stop them in time.

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