Pelosi : ‘Buying Gas is a Privilege, Not a Right’


The past week, for many Americans, has rekindled memories of the 1970’s.  It was during that time, that another weak Democratic President, Jimmy Carter, mismanaged relations with foreign oil distributors and caused a gas shortage across the country.

Just like recently. Americans saw gas lines stretching for miles, empty pumps, and streets littered with the horrifying dead bodies of the elderly and frail who had lost their lives from dehydration and severe blumpkinitus while trapped in their vehicles, desperately seeking only gasoline for themselves and their families.

This photo shows a group of consumers yesterday, piling on top of a half-full lawnmower in Queefsville, Virginia.

If you ask Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, however, none of that ever happened, and it isn’t happening now.  The Democrat leader told the Joe Average Barrons of the world that this “crisis” is all manufactured by right wing radicals just desperately attempting to make President Joe Biden look bad to their moronic base who don’t understand how gas prices or distribution work.

“Look, people hacked and shut down a pipeline.  That’s not where all the gas in the US comes from, okay?  Fox News, suffering in ratings since the advent of more completely trumptarded networks, then announces it’s a ‘crisis’, because that’s what they do.”

“Now if 200 dum dums bum rush their local Circle K in an hour on a weekday when they normally see 30 or so people, yeah, theyre going to run out.  Then demand goes up for two days, raising the prices, and giving Fox even more stories to make up.  This is manufactured.  Seriously, get a grip.”


The Biden administration is already working with the pipeline company to solve the minor problem.  None of it has anything to do whatsoever with the Keystone system, which is not even functional, and has been judged an unsound plan that would threaten the American water supply, which we drink.

Still, the radical right uneducated Trump cult don’t seem to care about much else than getting their Oldsmobiles to the Waffle House for their social security-discounted sausage patty.  I guess that’s their right.

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